Test your responsive web page.

Can't swing a cat in here!

This app emulates diferent device screen sizes but needs a little elbow room to do it.

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What is it for? Resizr is for testing the responsive nature of your projects. There are hundreds of different tablet and smart phone screen sizes available these days and unless you work in a large studio you are unlikely to have many of these to hand.

This app emulates the different screen sizes showing you how your site will appear across many of the most popular devices. Why is my url not loading? This web app loads your responsive web page into an iframe which is then resized to emulate the different devices. Certain websites do not allow their pages to be viewed within iframes. You will see a warning in your javaScript console telling you that the site has it's 'X-Frame-Options' set to to 'DENY'.

Alternatively it may bit that you are not using the correct protocol at the start of your url, http:// or https://. For best results copy and paste the url from your browser. Would like us to feature your site? You have a nice responsive website and would like it to be featured on Resizr? Drop me a link here.