How to Resize Several Photos at the Same Time with Flexi

When you are working with several photos and all have to have a specific size, it is always tedious to have to edit them one by one to change their size. For that reason, especially when they are collections of photos of similar sizes, it is always easier to change them all in size at the same time.

Precisely for that reason today we are going to teach you how to resize several photos at the same time. There are several applications to edit images in batches, but not to complicate too much we are going to focus on a Flexi call. It is a simple application whose only mission is to precisely change the size of the images that we select.

Therefore, the first thing you have to do is enter the Sorceforge page of the application, and click on the Download button. You will download the app in .zip format, so you only have to unzip the file to use it.

In the resulting folder you have two options in the form of two different folders. The first is called install and is used to install the application. But if you do not want to run with executables, in portable you have the file of the app to be able to run it without installing it. Enter therefore in portable and click on Flexi.exe to proceed.

Resizing several photos at once

First the application will tell you to choose language. Select the one you prefer and press OK. You will then enter the application, where in the left column we can add all the photos that we want to change at the same time. Click on Add to display the options with which you can add images, which are Folder, Files or Clipboard.

The recommended thing to make things easier is that you have all the photos you want to resize at the same time in the same folder. In this way, in Add choose the Folder option, and the application will open a window in which to search for the folder you want to use. Find it, click once on it to select it and click on the OK button.

Once the folder is chosen, it will appear in the left column and you will be able to browse through all the images. In the center you will open one of the images or the one you choose, and under it you will have a few controls to see it better. In the left column, click on the folder, and then click on the change size button on the top right.

To the right of the preview of the images will open a new column with the options to change size. The first option is the one that you choose a size in itself, and gives you several to choose from, among which is to introduce yourself the exact size you want.

Below you have Resizing Mode to determine what effect the images make when resizing them. The option to choose depends on whether the images you have are of different sizes or not. The recommended in the case that all are for having been with the same camera is to choose the Adjust option.

You have two more options. The first one is Quality, and you can choose if you want to preserve the maximum quality of the image or lower it a little compared to the original. The less quality the image has, the less space it will occupy. And finally you can also adjust the proportion of the photo you have chosen. Once you have configured everything to your liking, press the Start button that you have down to the right.

And that’s it, in a few seconds the process will be completed automatically. In the same folder where that is where you have the photos the application will create a new folder called Resized, and there will be the photos you have created. For example, if your Photos folder was on the desktop, Resized will also be there.

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