How to Reduce an Image in Paint?

Compressing or reducing a digital image can mean two different things, although both go hand in hand. One use of the term refers to decreasing the dimensions of an image so that it fits better on a website, in a document or as an online profile image. The other meaning describes the decrease in the size of the image file, which helps images to load faster online. Microsoft Paint does not provide a detailed compression setting to adjust the file size in the same way, but if you reduce the dimensions of an image, crop the image, or re-save it as JPG, it also reduces the file size. Without a doubt, this technique of reducing the size of an image has become fashionable to improve the performance of a website, and today we tell you how to do it.

Steps to reduce the size of a paint image

1. Open file: search for “Paint” in the Windows 10 start screen or in the Windows 7 Start menu and load an image by clicking “File” and “Open”.

2. If you only want to cut a section of the image, choose the “Select” tool from the Home tab and drag a box on the image to select a part. Press “Crop” to cut the image to the selection.

3. Click on “Resize” to reduce the resolution of the whole image by reducing its dimensions. Choose “Pixels” if you know the exact size you want or enter a percentage. In most cases, you must leave the “Maintain aspect ratio” option activated to avoid a distorted image. Enter the horizontal or vertical size, and Paint calculates the other dimension automatically. Press OK. ”

If a website asks for an image of a specific size, but provides only a one-dimensional value, for example, “Reduce images to 1,000 pixels,” enter that value for the largest dimension.

4. Open the “File” menu, select “Save as” and select “JPEG image” to save the image without overwriting the original. JPEG images do not look as good as PNG images, but JPEG files are generally much smaller, which makes them ideal for online use.

The only time you should choose “PNG Image” when trying to compress an image is if your image consists of simple line text or text. In these cases, PNG looks remarkably better and can even provide a smaller file. PNG files are also better for temporary backups, since quality is lost every time it is saved as a JPEG.


It is essential that within the web design project the images are optimized or the image is reduced according to requirements before uploading it to the server, with this you will achieve that your site loads faster and does not affect the performance of your hosting. A good practice and within reach of all you will achieve with the paint program.

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