How to Resize Many Images at Once, Without Installing Anything or Upload Them to Internet

Today we will see how you can resize a lot of images at once, without having to go one by one and without using any application. You only need to visit a web page, but the photos are processed locally on your computer: it is not necessary to upload them to the Internet. It is a simple, fast and safe process.

Our cameras and mobile phones increasingly make higher quality photos, which consequently occupy more. It depends on several factors, but a 10 megapixel JPG image can occupy almost 5 MB. If you do not plan to print it and you do not need it at full size, you can resize it to save space.

Smallest pictures = less space

The compression of images is a subject that escapes the scope of this article, but as a general rule a larger image occupies more disk space. It has, after all, more pixels, and therefore more information that must be stored.

This is especially important in uncompressed image formats such as BMP, where each point is saved regardless of its content. Space saving is also important in images with compression, such as in JPG format.

At first glance you can not tell the difference, but obviously it’s when you zoom in when you notice the difference. For example, using the same images as before, we could increase the original image much more than the resized one.

Therefore, it is advisable to resize the photos you do not need large, especially those that you will not print. Another option is to keep a copy of your original quality photos, so that you still have the originals. Resized, smaller copies take up less space on your hard drive and can be more agile to manipulate in different programs.

Resize many photos at once

You could open the photos in Microsoft Paint one by one and change their size or install an application to resize photos, but there is a better way: Bulk Resize. It is a web page, but the processing is done in your browser, without being sent to the Internet. To resize your photos, first open the Bulk Resize website in your browser. It is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge and Internet Explorer. Click Choose Images.

Now you have to select the photos you want to resize. You can select multiple photos if you hold down the Control key while clicking with the mouse. Similarly, you can select a photo with the mouse and then click on another photo while pressing the Shift key on the keyboard to select all the photos between them. When you are finished, press Open.

Now you have to choose how you want to resize the photo. You basically have five ways to do it, each one with a different tab for you to configure it. They are the following:

  1. Scale: use it to resize the photos according to a percentage. For example, if you set it to 50% it will resize the photos to half width and height.
  2. Longest side: allows you to set the maximum width or height you allow. For example, if you type 1024, the landscape photos will be 1024 pixels wide, and the photos in the portrait will be 1024 pixels high. The proportion is maintained.
  3. Width: use it to set the width of the photos. The high will be proportional.
  4. Height: same as the previous one, but to set the height of the photos. The width will be proportional.
  5. Exact Size: unlike the previous options, here you can mark the fixed width and height of the photos, without respecting the proportions. Not very recommended, as it will potentially narrow or make some photos wider.

When you have the configuration ready, click Start Resizing to start the process. Once again, remember that the process is carried out in your browser. One proof of this is that you can disconnect from the Internet and the process will run smoothly.

The process does not take too long, depending on the power of your computer. If you have just resized a photo, it is downloaded as a file. In case of many, they are downloaded together in a ZIP file.

Click on the downloaded file to open it with your favorite application to decompress files and you already have a resized version of your photos, lighter, easier to manipulate and it will take less to send over the Internet.

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